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Entry Criteria

Amateurs and professionals of any age or gender are welcome.


We welcome any manga that will appeal to readers of HERO’S. There are no restrictions on genre, but your work must have an appalling main character. However, the work must be original and unpublished in a commercial magazine.
*Manga based on existing works, such as a new story about Ultraman, will not be accepted as original works.

Page Limits

Between 16 and 50 pages (please include page numbers throughout). For four-panel manga, please include ten or more strips.


[Manga Division]

Use black ink or sumi on size B4 Kent paper, drawing paper, or manuscript paper. For data submissions, please provide a hard-copy sample of the work.

[Storyboard Division]

Aim to use two B4 sheets with two facing pages. Please ensure that the panel layouts, character borders, and written text are legible. You may also attach informational materials such as character images. Copies are allowed.

How to Apply

On the back of the last page of your manuscript, please write the title of the work and your postal code, address, name (and pen name if you use one), age, occupation, and telephone number, as well as a brief resume and list of any works you have had published in the past.
If you would like your manuscript returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your submission. In other cases, we cannot return your submission.

Deadline for the HERO’S Comic Award

Any time

Announcement of Results

Announcements will be made in this magazine and on the HERO’S website.
*HERO’S INC. shall have exclusive rights to secondary uses of the winning works, including but not limited to the rights to publish, translate, or adapt the work for film, stage, or other media. Your personal information will be kept private and used only for the purposes of this contest.


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