HERO MASK [DRAWING]Yumika Tsuru [STORY]Takashi Okabe

HERO MASK      Yumika Tsuru/ Takashi Okabe


Summary of HERO MASK

At the era there is no heroes. Mirai Shibuya gets thrashed by gangs but no one helps him.
One day, Mirai is involved in a trouble at his new school and eventually a genuine hero appeared! Violent high-school fights for helping people has commenced!

Profile of Yumika Tsuru

STORY  Takashi Okabe

Writer and script writer works in Kodansha and Takarajimasha.

DRAWING  Yumika Tsuru

The distinguished comic artist who published "暴走系吹奏楽列伝 ブラボー!(Bosokei Suisogaku Retsuden BRAVO!)"in series on Weekly Shonen Magazine appeared on Hero's! A boy met a beautiful girl who is actually a hero. His fight and obfuscate are described.

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