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TOKKO ZERO [Author&Composition]Toru Fujisawa [Art]Yukai Asada

Tokko Zero      [Author&Composition]Toru Fujisawa [Art]Yukai Asada


“Tokko” is the nickname of the S pecial Public Safety Department in the Second Division of the Special Tactical Police Force , Metropolitan Police Department.

This special force was established to deal with acts of indiscriminate murder and terrorism, which occur frequently nowadays, as well as unusual crimes with unknown causes. This team is made up of specialists who work to apprehend strange creatures, or “freaks,” known as “phantoms.”
Many dedicated fans have been longing for a sequel to Toru Fujisawa’s unique, popular work from Monthly Afternoon magazine. Now the sequel is to be unveiled after roughly 10 years of time have passed.

TOKKO begins again from “episode zero.”

Profile of Toru Fujisawa / Yukai Asada

[Original work and composition] Toru Fujisawa

Fujisawa is known for GTO, his most famous work. He is creating the original work and story for TOKKO ZERO.

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[Art]Yukai Asada

Asada is an active artist who is currently working on three series: TOKKO ZERO, Woodstock (Shinchosha/Monthly Comic @Bunch), and Tribes トライブス(Nihonbungeisha/Monthly Comic Heaven).

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