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Monthly Comic Magazine HERO'S the first issue

Monthly Comic Magazine HERO'S Published on 1st every month

We aim at global market

Comic magazine market used to be only in Japan for last decade and comics are still being created particularly for Japanese readers. The market is about to be matured in the circumstance and idea that "Japanese can understand because they are Japanese" which only Japanese shere. Most of comics are becoming literature as Japanese movies had become minor in the global market.
However, many youngstars over the world want to read Japanese comics and Japanese youngstars also want to read Japanese high-quality comics that are popular even by foreigners.
Therefore, we do not consider comics as a Japanese culture but media that is method of expression such as literature or movies.

We create heroes and bring them up

We challenge a new method of creating comics(studio method) that is different from ordinary way and talented artists from overseas have joined us recently.
Now we commence creating various heroes because heroes are the best entertainment that everyone in the world long for.
I appreciate your warm support.

HERO'S INC. CEO Shinobu Miyake

Episode 1 (English) is freely available on this website! Click to show more information here.